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China Thermal Coal Market Monthly Report

Update: Quarterly

Real time: November 2, 2023

Language: English

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    This report is published at the end of each month and presented in form of PPT. It reviews and analyzes thermal coal output, transport and sales volume of entire China and major production provinces; major coal miners'output and sales; imports and exports, supply-demand balance, stock, production and transport costs, and price, based on the data in current or preceding month; interprets latest industry policies and significant events; and presents price forecast for the coming month.



    1   Summary of Monthly Market Review and Outlook

    2   China Coal/Thermal Coal Monthly Production, Transportation and Sales

         2.1  Production

                2.1.1  National total

                2.1.2  Major thermal coal production provinces(Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia)

                2.1.3  Major thermal coal miners

         2.2  Transport volume by rail

                2.2.1  National total

                2.2.2  Major thermal coal production provinces

                2.2.3  Major rail lines

          2.3 Sales volume

                2.3.1  National total

                2.3.2  Major thermal coal production provinces

                2.3.3  Major thermal coal miners

    3   China Coal/Thermal Coal Monthly Imports and Exports

         3.1  Total coal

         3.2  Thermal coal

                3.2.1  Major origins

                3.2.2  Major destinations(importing provinces)

    4   China Thermal Coal Monthly Supply and Demand

         4.1  Output of thermal coal-based products(power, cement, pig iron, heat, methanol, synthetic ammonia)

         4.2  Thermal coal supply-demand balance

    5   China Thermal Coal Monthly Stock

         5.1  Production provinces

         5.2  Ports(5 north China transfer ports and 1 destination port Guangzhou)

         5.3  End users(6 major coastal power plants)

    6   China Thermal Coal Monthly Prices

         6.1  Production provinces

         6.2  Transfer ports(FOB Qinhuangdao and CCI price index for major coal brands)

         6.3  Destination port(CFR Guangzhou)

         6.4  Domestic and imported coal price gap

    7   China Thermal Coal Monthly Transport Cost

         7.1  Trucking freight

         7.2  Shipping freight

    8   China Thermal Coal Next Month Market Forecast

         8.1  Major influencing factors on supply(domestic output and imports)

               8.1.1  Industry policies

               8.1.2  Production status of coal mines

               8.1.3  Others(safety inspection, bad weather, etc.)

         8.2  Major influencing factors on demand

               8.2.1  Macro environment

               8.2.2  Development of downstream industries

               8.2.3  Others

         8.3  Other influencing factors(transportation, etc.)

         8.4  Price forecast

               8.4.1  CR model-based price forecast

               8.4.2  Price forecast(with 5,500 Kcal/kg NAR, FOB Qinhuangdao, incl. VAT, as benchmark; integration of CR model)